Block Fees – 2022- CLOSED

After hours advice

We use the block fee service as a method of parents asking for advice after hours.

The block fee service will be provided this year by text or email (text is preferable). You can simply text from your phone with questions, attach photos and request help with urgent matters. The fee is $200 for a family. All efforts will be made to respond as soon as possible but generally within 24 hours. During holidays/vacation, the service will be provided at a slower response rate. The service can be used for advice if your child is ill. Non-urgent questions should wait until your next visit, if possible, however we will attempt to help with all problems. If an in person visit is best, we will suggest that. We now have an online booking for our sick parade, so this should be utilized whenever possible. If a virtual appointment is appropriate, this can be arranged as well.

Please do not use this service as a substitute for emergency care. If your child appears sick and in need of immediate attention please go to the closest hospital emergency room. If you do not receive a response to your e-mail within a reasonable period of time please phone Ontario Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 or go to your closest hospital emergency room.


Dr. Cannnitelli/Dr.Kalwani/Dr.Yoon – block fee service for 2022 is now closed . Please call the office to set up an in-person or virtual appointment.