Routine Visits and Checkups

Growing up taller than a dinosaur


We see newborns shortly after birth and may see them several times in the first month. The visits then become routine starting at 1 and 2 months and will be every 2-3 months initially. Below are patient handouts for the visits and resources shown. Note that after age 2, you are only allowed under OHIP, one check up every year (365 days must pass between checkups) . After age 2, a yearly check up to ensure proper growth and development is adequate.


Prior to these visits, print out the handouts and review.

Newborn visit- see newborn handout- pdf

1 month visit- see 1 month visit

2 month visit-see 2 month visit ,  see nipissing developmental screen- 2 month

4 month visit- see 4 month visit, see nipissing developmental screen- 4 mo

6 month visit- see 6 month visit , see nipissing developmental screen- 6 months

9 month visit- see 9 month visit , see nipissing developmental screen- 9 months

12 month visit- see 12-18 month visit, see nipissing developmental screen- 12 months

15 month visit- see 12-18 month visit, see nipissing developmental screen- 15 months

18 month visit- see 12-18 month visit, seenipissing developmental screen- 18 months



yearly visits from age 2- see preschool visits , school age visit,

and see age appropriate developmental screens according to age :  nipissing developmental screen- 2 years , nipissing developmental screen- 3 years , nipissing developmental screen- 4 years , nipissing developmental screen- 5 years ,nipissing developmental screen- 6 years


Teens- Teen visits