Woodbridge Kids Clinic

Dr Kalwani

Dr Kalwani will be returning from maternity leave in July. Her patients can now call to book appointments with her. We welcome her back to the clinic.


There has been a lot of illness since September. In the fall, hospitals were overwhelmed, medication was in short supply and we struggled to manage illness. We have formed an alliance with the Rutherford clinic and Dr Cannitelli and Yoon work there some evenings and weekends. We have been able to expand our hours for sick visits in this manner and extending hours in our office as well. Things are returning to normal, but we will continue with extended hours until the summer.

Mental health and return to school

Here is a link where they have a “mental health backpack” that they are offering for back to school. We encourage in person learning and back to “normal”.



We are not currently accepting new patients.

Dr Yoon

We would like to announce that Dr Yeung-Seu Yoon is joining our practice. He has been helping while Dr Kalwani is on maternity leave and will be accepting new patients. He trained at University of Toronto school of medicine and the hospital for sick children with Dr Cannitelli. He continues to work and teach at sick kids and helps with the covid vaccine roll out. We welcome him to our practice.

Virtual visits Sick Kids

The Hospital for Sick Children is now offering virtual visits for children who are ill if appropriate. Here is the link: https://www.sickkids.ca/en/emergency/virtual-urgent-care/

Tick bites

Last summer we had a few children with tick bites. This year it seems more common and we have had some ticks positive for Lyme disease.

To prevent – be careful in forest and trail areas. Use natural insect repellants and look for any suspicious black marks in the skin or hair. If you look closely you will see the tick.

If you see a tick- you can try to remove it with tweezers or come in and we will do it. You want to keep the tick and bring it to us so that we can send it for testing to see if the tick carries the Lyme disease bacteria. We treat with one dose of an antibiotic but this should be done within 72 hours to prevent Lyme.

Gypsy moth rash

We have been seeing a lot of this lately. The caterpillar stage of this moth can cause an allergic type reaction. This can occur after touching the caterpillar directly or even touching a surface where the caterpillar was recently. The rash can look like little bites but there is no entry point like a bite. The spots can be different sizes. Use a little cortisone cream on the spots and Benadryl for itch. Aside from being a little itchy the rash is not a concern.


While Dr. Kalwani is away on maternity leave, Dr. Cannitelli and Dr. Yoon will be covering all patients. Dr. Kalwani is able to provide virtual visits at this time if requested. We welcome Dr. Yoon who trained at the University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children.

We will be focusing on keeping children up to date with their immunizations, sick visits and any concerns over the winter months.

New ‘Parent Attestation Form for Return to School and Childcare’