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block fees

After some careful consideration and due to popular demand, we have decided to continue our block fee program for 2020. We appreciate the feedback and suggestions made and are implementing some of those suggestions. More information is available on the block fee tab.

Block Fee Announcement

We would like to announce that our block fee program is being discontinued. The intention was to be able to help parents at times when their children are sick and they are in need of advice and guidance. Unfortunately parents use our service for inappropriate and unnecessary questions that are cumbersome and unnecessarily intrusive. Despite trying to educate parents on the proper use of our services, this has continued, making the block fee less useful to everyone. We are left with the only option to cancel the service

Dr. Barra Leaving Woodbridge Kids Clinic

With mixed emotions, I wish to inform you that I will leaving Woodbridge Kids Clinic and relocating to Guelph at the end of July 2019. I feel very fortunate that Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani have agreed to take over my patients.
I would be happy to continue being your child’s doctor but I understand the new location may be a far drive for your family. My new office will be located at:
Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre
175 Chancellors Way
Suite 202
Guelph, ON N1G0E9
If you wish to continue with me as your doctor, you can email your child’s information to drbarrapeds@gmail.com and you will receive further information regarding how to go about transferring your child’s files.  Saturday appointments and afternoon sick visit appointments will be available at the Guelph office.
Your medical records will automatically remain with Woodbridge Kids Clinic unless I receive written authorization from you to transfer them to another physician. If you have purchased the 2019 block fee, half of it will be refunded to you when I leave Woodbridge Kids Clinic.
I recognize that changing physicians may be stressful and this decision was not an easy one to make. I will miss my patients and their families because I truly enjoyed my time at Woodbridge Kids Clinic.
Dr. Barra

Social media and teens

A recent article showed a higher incidence of depression in teen who spend a lot of time on social media. This is something that we might be concerned about as parents and paediatricians, but there are some studies that do show this statistically. So, parents need try and monitor this and always have lines of communication open.

2019 Block Fees

Dr. Barra and Dr. Kalwani’s 2019 Block Fee are now available for purchase. The email will be active from November 15, 2018 through December 31, 2019. Use the “Block Fee” tab to purchase.

Walk-In Doctors Week of September 10th

Walk-in Doctors Week of September 10th
Monday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 845-11
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Thursday: Dr. Kalwani 845-11
Friday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 845-11
There are times when our walk-in may reach capacity, at which point we will close before the times listed above.
Same day appointments are very limited. If your child is sick, please come through the walk-in.


There is a recent case of dipheria in an elementary school in Alberta. This is a life threatening bacterial infection that we haven’t seen in years in Canada. It emphasizes the importance of keeping your children up to day on their vaccines.


The FDA has recently warned against teething products with benzocaine and have asked companies to stop manufacturing them. Typical products containing this are oragel and ambesol etc. Swallowing benzocaine can cause a serious blood problem called methemoglobinemia. Paediatricians usually just recommend something firm to bite on like a teething ring. cold is fine but not frozen as this can cause frostbite on the face.

Walk-In Doctors Week of June 25th

Walk-In Doctors Week of June 25th
Monday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 9-11. Dr. Barra will be out of the office.
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Thursday: Dr. Barra 9-11. Dr. Kalwani will be out of the office. The office will be closing at 1:30 pm.
Friday: Drs. Barra and Kalwani 9-11
At times, our walk-in may reach capacity at which point it will close prior to the times listed above.

Walk-In Doctors Week of May 21st

Walk-In Doctors Week of May 21st
Monday: Closed for Queen Victoria Day
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 845-11
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli and Barra 845-1045
Thursday: Drs. Barra and Kalwani 845-11
Friday: Dr. Barra 845-1030, Dr. Kalwani 845-11

At times, our walk-in may reach capacity at which point it will close prior to the times listed above.