Woodbridge Kids Clinic

Walk-In Doctors Week of June 25th

Walk-In Doctors Week of June 25th
Monday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 9-11. Dr. Barra will be out of the office.
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11
Thursday: Dr. Barra 9-11. Dr. Kalwani will be out of the office. The office will be closing at 1:30 pm.
Friday: Drs. Barra and Kalwani 9-11
At times, our walk-in may reach capacity at which point it will close prior to the times listed above.

Walk-In Doctors Week of May 21st

Walk-In Doctors Week of May 21st
Monday: Closed for Queen Victoria Day
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 845-11
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli and Barra 845-1045
Thursday: Drs. Barra and Kalwani 845-11
Friday: Dr. Barra 845-1030, Dr. Kalwani 845-11

At times, our walk-in may reach capacity at which point it will close prior to the times listed above.

Walk-In Doctors Week of April 23th
Monday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11, Dr. Barra 845-1045
Tuesday: Drs. Cannitelli and Kalwani 845-1045
Wednesday: Dr. Cannitelli 845-11, Dr. Barra 845-1030
Thursday: Dr. Barra 845-11
Friday: Dr. Barra 845-11
Please note, Dr. Kalwani will not be in the office on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week. Dr. Cannitelli will not be in the office on Friday.

Anxiety Group

Anxiety Groups

will be held at the Woodbridge Kids Clinic

on Sundays (starting in February)

for ages 8-11 and 12-15

Sessions will focus on teaching kids

about anxiety as well as symptom relief

For more information, please contact:

the office

2018 Block Fee

Block Fee information and sign-up is now available via the office.

Patients may currently sign-up via Paypal via the link below




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We are closed Monday oct 9 for thanksgiving. We reopen Tuesday wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving with their families. 

Recurrent Sore Throat and Tonsillectomy

In the old days ( or at least when I was young 🙂 ), tonsillectomy was a common procedure. The current thinking is that removing tonsils is indicated in only a few situations. Most children do not need their tonsils out and we do not remove them because ” they are big”, or ” the child is always sick with fever”, or the child ” always gets a sore throat”. In the case of strep throat, we look for a carrier in the family. This is done by swabbing everyone when they are well for a while.
A recent study published in Pediatrics ( a respected Paediatric journal), showed that long term, tonsillectomy did not help children with recurrent strep or sore throats. This is what we have been trying to explain to parents, but here is a study that reinforces this:
Pediatrics:February 2017, VOLUME 139 / ISSUE 2

Measles and Mumps Outbreaks

There are currently over 20 recent cases of mumps and 4 cases of measles reported in the Toronto area.

Both of these diseases are contagious viruses that are preventable by vaccination. Typically, children get vaccinated against these illnesses between 12 and 15 months of age and again between 4 and 6 years of age.  Children less than 12 months old are not eligible to receive this vaccine and, as such, they are particularly vulnerable to these illnesses.

The best protection is vaccination so please make sure your child’s immunizations are up-to-date.



For more info, visit Mumps Info



For more info, visit Measles Info

Measles is highly contagious. 90% of unimmunized people exposed to the measles virus will become infected. If you believe that your child has the measles or has been exposed to the measles, please contact the office prior to coming in so that we can prevent any potential spread of the disease.