Block Fees




Our  block fee program is by yearly subscription. Its purpose is to help guide parents with helpful advice when their children are ill primarily. We are sincerely happy to help parents and children, but due to abuse of messaging in the past we have made some changes as outlined here.  We will attempt to respond as quickly as possible, but parents should expect a response within 24 hours. During office hours we are very busy and usually will respond at the end of the day. During holiday and vacation times, the service may not be available. This will usually be indicated by a return vacation response on emails or logging out of the messaging app. Responses should be expected during daytime hours 8am-11pm. Any messages after hours should expect a reply the next day. We cannot guarantee security, as we rely on email and messaging apps that are third party. We will do our best to protect your confidentiality on our end.

Some examples of what NOT to use the service for:

  • Do not try to book, cancel or confirm appointments
  • Prescription renewals, requisitions, notes or forms
  • Questions about sleep issues, feeding issues or school issues

You can use this service for:

  • when your child is ill and you need advice
  • when you are debating whether to seek urgent help in emerg or wait for the next day
  • if you are vacationing out of the country and need advice for your sick child

Note that this service cannot replace an office visit. For most problems a discussion in person or examining a child always provides the best care possible. Our block fee service is mainly for some guidance after hours.

If your child appears sick and in need of immediate medical attention please seek appropriate medical care at the closest hospital emergency room. Ontario Telehealth 1-866-797-000 may also be useful depending on the nature of the problem.

Note that your subscription will be terminated for inappropriate or excessive messaging at the sole discretion of the physician at any time.

A subscription is meant for a family. Email and logins can be used by both parents, for all their children. This cannot be shared with others. Sharing the email can result in cancellation of your subscription. Please note the price increase to $250.