Services We Offer

Kids playing in professions


We offer many services in our office.

Consultations– This is usually done through a family doctors office. A referral letter is required from the family MD ( see page on new patients) 

Dietary Assessment– Nutrition is very important. We try to discuss this regularly. You can try the online resource (  It is not the best assessment tool but is basic and can be helpful. You need to enter a few days worth of data for your child and print the nutritional assessment. We can then review during a routine check up to discuss any apparent deficiencies.

Developmental Assessments– aside from personal assessments done during our visits, we use an online assessment tool for children. We involve a clinical psychologist for psychoeducational assessments when needed.see page on developmental and educational resources

Circumcisions– This is done in the office for babies less than 4 weeks of age by Dr. Cannitelli. Preferably it is done in the first 2 weeks. He uses the traditional Jewish clamp (mogen).

Earrings- we use the Inverness earring system. The earrings are packaged in a sterile cartridge and the quality of the earrings are excellent.

Orthotics- children have very lax ligaments and they are all flat-footed at a young age. They don’t all need orthotics. There are some children however who show excessive laxity, pronation and potential for problems later on. Orthotics cannot correct anatomy, but can help to prevent problems later in life. We use Sound Orthotics who make very nice orthotics for children.


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