Hepatitis A and B

You may have heard about the recall involving Hep A. Here is a link with more details http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/inspection/2016/57960r-eng.php

Hep A is transmitted from person to person , through water or foods washed with contaminated water or handled by people who have Hep A. This sort of outbreak is not common but can happen with foods imported from other countries. We usually discuss Hep A related to travel. 

Hep B is contracted through body fluids. Vaccination occurs in grade 7 in Ontario but anywhere else occurs at birth. 

Paediatricians recommend the TWINRIX vaccine which protects against hep a and b. It can be done any time after age 1. 

We promote Bexsero and Menactra/Menveo vaccines which are for meningitis and Twinrix. Outbreaks of meningitis and hepatitis can happen. We are familiar with this. Often parents don’t think about this until an outbreak occurs. The idea behind vaccination is to PREVENT illness. That’s why we inform parents about these optional vaccines in the office.