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Hand foot mouth

Hand foot and mouth disease ( HFM) is still around. We saw lots over the summer and it has not slowed down. It is caused by a virus called Coxsackie. Kids get spots on the palms and soles classically, but…

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Enterovirus outbreak

You may have heard of the Enterovirus outbreak in the US. Enterovirus is something we see commonly.  These viruses can present with just fever often In this case it presents with an asthma -like attack. We haven’t seen any here…

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Triclosan- antibacterial soaps etc

There is recent discussion about banning triclosan. This has already started in the US. Triclosan is found in many “antibacterial” products, especially soaps. There is concern about rising levels of Triclosan in lake water and effects like hormone disruption and…

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Our new location

We are at 40 innovation drive in Woodbridge ( see map above). We are in a clinic associated with family doctors, a walkin clinic, a pharmacy, optometry, audiology, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

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